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EMF Shield, 2 pack

Protect yourself from the harmful effects of non-ionizing EMF (Electromagnetic Field) radiation. Newly designed for 5G.

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EMF Shield, 2 pack

Nature's Frequencies EMF Shield is patented Biofield Resonance Technology and as technology rapidly evolves, so are the levels of EMF you're being exposed to. The EMF Shield is designed to aid the body in fighting off the negative effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation

The EMF Shield product includes 1 pack of 2 shields. It should be used on Cell phones Laptops iPads Smart Meters Smart TVs PDAs Devices sending & receiving electronic data Nature's Frequencies EMF Shield Every day the human body is exposed to EMF emitting devices such as cell phones, microwaves, computers, gaming consoles, radios and a vast amount of other electronic devices.

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