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  • Book - Tachyon Energy, 160 pages

    Tachyon Energy - a new paradigm in holistic healing | by Gabriel Cousens M.D. and Prof. David Wagner

    Tachyon Energy - a new paradigm in holistic healing, by Prof. David Wagner, inventor of the Tachyonization process & Gabriel Cousens MD. Scientific, holistic and spiritual discussion about faster then light energy, quantum physics and more. Research and studies about the use of Tachyon.

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  • Book - Depression-Free For Life, 304 pages

    A Physician's All-Natural, 5-Step Plan | by Gabriel Cousens M.D.

    Depression Free for Life provides an in-depth overview on the chemistry and brain functions that are associated with depression and how to treat them from a radiant-health and natural approach.

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  • Book - How to Say "Raw Food" in Hebrew איך אומרים בעברית

    Recipe Book in Hebrew | Raw Food Cuisine


  • Book - Creating Peace by Being Peace, 264 Pages

    The Essene Sevenfold Path | by Gabriel Cousens M.D.

    Representing a synthesis of the author’s decades of multidisciplinary work in meditation, psychiatry, psychotherapy, and spirituality, Creating Peace by Being Peace guides readers in creating peace on seven levels of engagement, from the body to the ecology to God. Author Gabriel Cousens addresses the increasingly urgent need to transform humankind with the ancient peace wisdom of the Essenes, a Judaic mystical group that flourished two millennia ago. He begins by explaining the Essenes and the lessons they can teach us as creators of peace. Individual chapters cover a wide range of possibility, from the personal (“Peace with the Mind”) to the political (“Peace with the Community”). The final chapter, "Integrating Peace on Every Level," presents a comprehensive plan for peace with the body, mind, family, community, culture, ecology, and God as a pervasive experience in life—moment to moment, day by day. Cousens blends documentary evidence with original interpretation to show that the Essenes actually did live this experience of peace. Most importantly, he transfers their gift to modern seekers as a breathing blueprint for realizing this reality as we walk in our lives; work according to our gifts, joys, and sacred design; and live the path of spiritual awakening—the sevenfold peace.

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