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[Video] Holistic vs. Allopathic Approach to Healing & Longevity

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Video Transcript:

 - I'm giving you two different kinds of understanding here. There are many, quote, holistic physicians in the United States,\NI can't comment here, who basically aren't holistic,

but they're using vitamins and minerals instead of allopathic medicines.But they're thinking allopathically, rather than holistically.
Does that make sense, what I'm saying?
So we're talking about a world view, that's what I'm talking about here, that is like, "Wow, this is all connected, you know.
"I better ask them if they're on an anti-coagulant" - because I'm gonna give something that, it's gonna thin the blood, and guess what, it really will thin the blood.
You see what I'm saying. And we have to see more holistically what's going on. And, oh, we give vitamin K, why ?, because we don't want calcium depositing in your arteries.
I think you're getting the idea here.

That's a holistic view point, rather than,"here's a supplement 'cause I read, you know, it's good for you'
"and vitamin D is good for the immune system" and so forth, and "it helps protect against cancer", and so forth. So I'm kind of throwing those bigger pictures to you to see that it, 

it isn't the best way to think allopathically with these condensed, powerful energies, biological energies. They're much better understood and prescribed if we give them from an holistic point of view.

We'll do better, clients will do better,
everything will do better, when we havethat bigger view point.


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