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  • ACS 200 | Advanced Cellular Silver, 2 fl. oz.

    Extra Strength energized silver molecules for effective immune support

    Far beyond any other ‘colloidal silver’. ACS 200 Extra Strength is the most carefully researched and scientifically tested medical grade antimicrobial cellular silver formula available today. It is recommended as the first line of defence in treating existing problems or as an immune boosting preventive treatment. ACS 200 Extra Strength rapidly kills an enormous array of pathogenic microorganisms; literally oxidizing the cell wall of bacteria as well as naked virus, fungus, and all without damaging human tissue. When choosing an immune system support formula, safety and efficacy are the only two factors that truly matter. ACS 200 Extra Strength provides fast and significant relief patients can feel, without harming the gut flora.

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  • Scalarized Charcoal, 28 gr.

    Plant-based activated charcoal from organic coconut shells effective for whitening teeth.

    Glass jar of Scalarized Charcoal (with a 5-hole fitment for ease of sprinkling), an organic, plant-based activated charcoal from organic coconut shells.

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  • Crystal Clinoptilolite, 16 oz.

    The ultimative toxins flush!

    Clinoptilolite is taken orally and stays in the intestine, pulling out heavy metals, radioactive materials, pesticides, herbicides, barium, aluminum, and protects the body from these materials entering through the gut.

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  • Divinely Organic Colloidals, 32 fl. oz.

    Great for wounds, soaking feet/ hands, massaging into scalp and energizing water.

    Divinely Organic Colloidals scalar enhanced, broad spectrum, true colloidal minerals in a nature made ratio.

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  • Divinely Organic Coconut Oil, 32 fl. oz.

    Absolutly the best coconut oil!

    Divinely Organic Coconut Oil contains scalar charged totally raw, extra virgin, unrefined, unfermented, unheated, unbleached, undeodorized coconut oil.

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  • MAG-Ease Topical Spray, 2 fl. oz.

    Help your lymphatic system clean your body!

    MAG-Ease Topical Spray contains highly concentrated, highly oxygen-saturated and hydrogen charged distilled water, scalar enhanced 35% liquid, natural magnesium chloride precipitated from seawater.

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  • MAG-Ease Topical with Spray, 16 fl. oz.

    Help your lymphatic system clean your body!

    MAG-Ease Topical Spray contains highly concentrated, highly oxygen-saturated and hydrogen charged distilled water, scalar enhanced 35% liquid, natural magnesium chloride precipitated from seawater.

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  • Peak Oxygen, 16 fl. oz.

    Beyond-hyper-extremely oxygen-saturated and hydrogencharged, scalar enhanced spring water.

    Contains more than double the amount of oxygen saturation of Hyper-Extreme O2

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  • Extreme O2 sprayer, 1 fl. oz.

    Unleash the health power of Oxygen!

    Extremely oxygen-saturated and hydrogen charged, scalar enhanced spring water. Travel size great for spraying on sunburns, wounds, itching, etc.

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  • Extreme O2, 16 fl. oz.

    Unleash the health power of Oxygen!

    Extremely oxygen-saturated and hydrogen charged, scalar enhanced spring water.

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  • Castor Oil, 16 fl. oz.

    BioScalar Energized Castor Oil

    Scalar charged pesticide and chemical free of 100% pure, plant-based castor oil.

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  • Castor Oil Pack

    Mess-Free Castor Oil Pack

    Mess-Free Castor Oil Pack containing a scalar charged, pesticide and chemical free of BioScalar Energized Castor Oil, a mess-free pack containing an unbleached, untreated, chemical free 100% natural pure wool flannel cloth and a hot water bottle with enema bag attachments.

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  • Water Distiller, Black - 220Volt - Glass Parts, Megahome

    The Ultimate Drinking Water - Easy to Use - Works like an electrical kettle

    Fill up tap water and turn on to get pure distilled water in the pitcher. It's that simple and requires no installation. Distillation purifies the water the best, far beyond using a water filter. Using the distiller removes fluoride & chlorine as well as bacteria. Distillation is the process of boiling water and capturing the resulting steam that rises. The steam leaves behind the contaminants, including bacteria and resulting chemicals, such as Microcystins. These counter-top, steam distillation distillers, are convenient, low cost, easy to use. The distiller makes 1 gallon in 5.5 hours and makes up to 4 gallons a day. It features a full stainless steel boil chamber, dome, condensing coils, and glass collection. 6 activated charcoal filters are included. It manufactured according to the strictest standards by Megahome Corp. Megahome is a premier water distiller manufacturer with over 20 years manufacturing only water distillers, you can be confident in the quality of this distiller. UL listed.

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  • Book - Conscious Parenting Holistic Children, 600 Pages

    The Holistic Guide to Raising Joyful and Happy Children | Gabriel Cousens M.D. and Leah Lynn

    Conscious Parenting is a great resource for parents seeking advice on optimal vegan nutrition and the importance of unplugging and having quiet time in nature for today's children. Anchored by extensive research on the importance of diet and environment by the world's leading authority on spiritual nutrition, the book is packed with advice and information to help you • choose authentic, organic, vegan food for optimal health; • support your child's emotional, social, and mental development; • counter the effects of environmental toxins and harmful media; • and create a nurturing environment for your child's spiritual growth. See Table of Contents & Articles below

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  • Transformational Salts, 8 Oz. Bag

    Transformational Salts are mineral-rich, pure & raw ancient salts of the Earth.

    Transformational Salts are mineral-rich, pure, raw, unbleached, unheated, unrefined ancient salts of the Earth, containing no harmful synthetic excipients. 100% pure and Scalar enhanced raw mix of 5 precious ancient seabed & sea salts of the earth from the Peruvian Andes Mountains, Hawaii, Himalayas & Utah rich in minerals - without excipients, stabilizers, conditioners, chemicals or preservatives.

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  • Juice Fasting Advanced Detox Kit: 1-Click Order

    Our optimal fasting formula

    This Kit offers a supreme upgrade to the body cleanse level one can get in a 7-day juice fasting. It also helps to minimize the detoxification conditions and thus makes the fasting process smoother, with more clarity, energy and fun. Dr. Cousens clinical measures show up to 400% improvement in releasing toxins with the combined basic 4 supplements detox: * Magnesium (Mg), the relaxer mineral, is one of the most important minerals. * Proteolytic Enzymes - the next generation in inflammatory defense. * NCD2 Zeolite - The most effective zeolite on the planet. * OS-36 Tachyonized Fasting & Detox Elixir - Supports the body during a detox program & fasting experience. The 2 additional items remove radiation and add a stronger anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal cleanse: * Illumodine | Iodine Supplement - The best Iodine, by the newest technology 100% absorbable. * Rad Neutral- Scalar charged formula for neutralizing radiation and removing harmful internal radio-contamination. And Calm - The Relaxing Anti-Stress Drink. Balances your calcium intake and restores healthy magnesium levels.

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  • Product B IsaGenesis, 120 Softgels, Isagenix

    A New and Improved formula | A revolutionary antioxidants blend for anti-aging telomere support

    Product B IsaGenesis is a powerful blend of complex botanicals and vitamins uniquely designed to offer superior telomere support for youthful aging. Dr Cousens refers to it as "a Brilliant product" that he haven't seen anything like it in his 40 years of clinical experience. • New formula for better absorbability • Targets the source of accelerating aging such as oxidative stress • Helps regain and maintain youthful aging

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  • Nutrition & Healthy Digestion Supplements Kit : 1-Click Order

    The fundamentals for a radiant Health longevity program. Highly recommended by Dr. Cousens

    Our top recommendations for supplements & superfoods for the ultimate longevity plan. After the Juice Fasting Retreat, it's a great opportunity to nurture the body, to build good digestion, to strengthen the immune system and maintain a long term longevity program.

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  • Shilajit (500 mg), 60 Capsules

    A natural mineral rich substance with life giving power.

    Shilajit is a rare tonic "herbal" substance collected by local inhabitants in the south-western Himalayas and as far north as the northern Heaven Mountains. It has been used for thousands of years as a panacea and anti-aging tonic. Shilajit is regarded by many master herbalists as the most important natural tonic substance of Ayurveda (the traditional Indian health care system). In Sanskrit, Shilajit means "conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness."

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  • Duanwood Reishi Drops, 2 fl. oz., Dragon Herbs

    This powerful extract possesses all the power of the best Reishi in the world.

    According to Asian tradition, Reishi is a nourishing tonic, and is a tonic to all three of the Three Treasures (Jing, Qi and Shen), which are the three types of energy that animate a human life. Reishi builds body resistance, and is detoxifying, aphrodisiac, and relaxing. It is widely believed to prolong life and enhance intelligence and wisdom. Reishi has been found to fortify the immune system, protect the cardiovascular system, and to protect the liver. Duanwood Reishi is the best cultivated Reishi in the world. It is grown in a pristine mountain environment at high altitude on natural logs, without the use of any chemicals. It is the most potent Reishi in the world.

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  • Ginseng Sublime, 2 fl. oz., Dragon Herbs

    The finest cultivated Ginsengs in the world. It is truly sublime.

    Ginseng Sublime is a premium full-spectrum Ginseng extract. It is made from the finest cultivated Ginsengs in the world, expertly extracted and blended as a single product, plus some wild and wildcrafted Chinese and American Ginseng Roots. This is a true Ginseng connoisseur's elixir. Ginseng Sublime is made from a variety of Chinese, Korean, American, Siberian and Himalayan Ginseng - roots. Ginseng Sublime is a very rich source of Ginseng saponins, possessing literally dozens of these precious ginsenosides, the primary adaptogenic agent of Ginseng. Head and shoulders above any other commercial brand of Ginseng on the market.

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  • Co Q10 (100 mg) 50 Capsules,

    Live-source CoQ-10. Premier cardiovascular, nerve, brain and immune support.

    Premier CoQ-10 contains premier quality CoQ-10 which is derived from once living, natural sources (not synthetic CoQ-10 in tablets or gel-caps). Live-source CoQ-10 is preferred to synthetic CoQ-10 in long term use. Premier CoQ-10 delivers cardiovascular, nerve, brain and immune support.

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  • Vitamineral Green Supplement, 500 g, HealthForce

    A superior, nutritionally dense, therapeutic green superfood powder.

    Vitamineral Green™ nutritionally supports blood sugar, detoxification, the immune system, liver, kidneys, blood, bones, colon, pancreas, muscles, brain, regularity, circulation, and longevity. Vitamineral Green™ is formulated by Mother Nature and Jameth Sheridan (Naturopath, Doctor of Holistic Medicine, and Hard-Core Herbal Medicine Researcher). Every ingredient, including how it is grown and processed, is therapeutic. It is an extremely potent and comprehensive array of nature’s most nutritive and cleansing superfoods, grown and processed to maximize their benefits. It contains a full spectrum of naturally occurring, absorbable and non-toxic vitamins, minerals, all the essential amino acids (protein), antioxidants, chlorophyll, soluble and insoluble fibers, tens of thousands of phytonutrients, and a plethora of other synergistically bound, organic nutrients. It contains no synthetic or isolated nutrients (not excreted as expensive yellow urine or stored as toxic deposits).

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  • Max B-ND | B complex Supplement, 2 fl. oz.

    Maximum Adrenal, Liver, energy and mood support | Probiotic-generated Formula of end-chain, live-source B complex vitamins.

    Max B-ND™ is a nutritional industry first - with never before available probiotic-cultured B vitamins. It contains a high-energy, end-chain, B vitamin complex derived from live sources for premier nutritional resonance. Each 1/2 teaspoon supplies high energy, end-chain vitamin B forms (the form ready to use by the cell) including vitamin B6 as pyridoxal, pyridoxine, pyridoxamine, vitamin B5 as pantetheine (and more), folic acid as 5-MTHF and 5-FTHF and much more. This B vitamin-rich formula offers advanced support for the liver, energy, immune system, adrenals and mood balance. Research suggests that live sources of B vitamins are preferred over common synthetic (coal tar-derived) sources.

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  • HCL | Hydrochloric Acid Supplement, 90 Capsules

    Supports digestive power and absorption of nutrients, detoxification, and vibrant stomach function

    Premier Digestive and Detoxification Support | Betaine Hydrochloride. This formula contains 100% natural-source betaine hydrochloride, created to assist the body’s natural stomach acids in the digestion and absorption of nutrients, especially protein, vitamin B12, calcium, iron and other minerals. As we age, we typically produce less hydrochloric acid (HCL) which reduces our ability to efficiently absorb nutrients from food. Reduced HCL production affects the amount of protein and calcium we can absorb and can interfere with bone metabolism. Incomplete protein metabolism can imbalance intestinal flora. Betaine hydrochloride promotes absorption of nutrients. Recommended to anyone over age of 40 to build up digestion and assimilate food better.

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