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  • Ginseng Sublime, 2 fl. oz., Dragon Herbs

    The finest cultivated Ginsengs in the world. It is truly sublime.

    Ginseng Sublime is a premium full-spectrum Ginseng extract. It is made from the finest cultivated Ginsengs in the world, expertly extracted and blended as a single product, plus some wild and wildcrafted Chinese and American Ginseng Roots. This is a true Ginseng connoisseur's elixir. Ginseng Sublime is made from a variety of Chinese, Korean, American, Siberian and Himalayan Ginseng - roots. Ginseng Sublime is a very rich source of Ginseng saponins, possessing literally dozens of these precious ginsenosides, the primary adaptogenic agent of Ginseng. Head and shoulders above any other commercial brand of Ginseng on the market.

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  • Shilajit (500 mg), 60 Capsules

    A natural mineral rich substance with life giving power.

    Shilajit is a rare tonic "herbal" substance collected by local inhabitants in the south-western Himalayas and as far north as the northern Heaven Mountains. It has been used for thousands of years as a panacea and anti-aging tonic. Shilajit is regarded by many master herbalists as the most important natural tonic substance of Ayurveda (the traditional Indian health care system). In Sanskrit, Shilajit means "conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness."

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  • Eucommia Drops, 2 fl. oz.

    One of the very few balanced vegetarian Yang and Yin tonics.

    The bark of Eucommia ulmoides, a temperate rubber tree native to East Asia, was the second herb ever described in a written text on herbs and medicine in China, playing second fiddle only to Ginseng, "the King of Herbs." Shennong, the great founder of Chinese herbalism, described Eucommia as a superior herb that could "prolong life." Eucommia has remained a virtual icon of tonic herbalism in Asia for thousands of years. Eucommia bark is traditionally used to tonify the Kidney, Liver and Heart functions. It has a warm energy. Eucommia Drops is a full potency extract of superior grade Eucommia bark.

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  • Buddha's Yang, 100 Capsules

    A powerful Yang Jing tonic that nurtures Yang Jing, the primal power of the body.

    Buddha's Yang is a powerful vegetarian Yang Jing tonic formulation. Yang tonics are important anti-aging formulations. They provide Yang energy that is exhausted by living. Yang tonics nurture Yang Jing, the primal power of the body. Premium quality herbs are extracted and spray dried at full potency to create this powerful product. This formulation tonifies the skeleton, strengthens the lower back and joints and it can be a powerful sex tonic. The formula is also extremely well suited to athletes who are looking for a potent Yang tonic to increase strength, power and endurance.

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