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This category presents items that good for children & mothers. For comprehensive nutrition and supplements guidelines see Dr. Cousens' & Leah Lynn new book: Conscious Parenting.                      

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  • Max B-ND | B complex Supplement, 8 fl. oz.

    Maximum Adrenal, Liver, energy and mood support | Probiotic-generated Formula of end-chain, live-source B complex vitamins.

    Max B-ND™ is a nutritional industry first - with never before available probiotic-cultured B vitamins. It contains a high-energy, end-chain, B vitamin complex derived from live sources for premier nutritional resonance. Each 1/2 teaspoon supplies high energy, end-chain vitamin B forms (the form ready to use by the cell) including vitamin B6 as pyridoxal, pyridoxine, pyridoxamine, vitamin B5 as pantetheine (and more), folic acid as 5-MTHF and 5-FTHF and much more. This B vitamin-rich formula offers advanced support for the liver, energy, immune system, adrenals and mood balance. Research suggests that live sources of B vitamins are preferred over common synthetic (coal tar-derived) sources.

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  • Pure Synergy, Pure Radiance C | Vitamin C, 90 Capsules

    A potent, organic, truly pure and 100% natural vitamin C.

    Pure Radiance C contains the magnificent, beneficial synergy of vitamin C from berries and fruits - something that can never be chemically recreated in a laboratory. Plus, it's gentle on your stomach, incredibly bioavailable, and in the perfect potency for your body. From our point of view, potency has less to do with the number of milligrams on a supplement label, and more to do with how your body recognizes it, utilizes it, and most importantly, benefits from it. BENEFITS OF THIS 100% Natural Vitamin C : • Helps bolster your healthy immune system. • Provides extra support during cold, flu and allergy seasons. • Offers protective antioxidant activity. • Promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails. • Enhances your overall health and vitality. • Gentle on your stomach with no acidity.

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  • Illumodine | Iodine Supplement, 0.5 fl. oz.

    The best Iodine, by the newest technology 100% absorbable.

    The best Iodine, by the newest technology 100% absorbable. ~100% bioavailable, Illumodine is a scalarized 2% tincture of singlet atoms of iodine (I-), 400 mcg per drop. • Also referred to as " The Metabolic Mineral", it is extremely good for building ones health. • Iodine is very important for the thyroid and other glands, brain function and mental health. • It assists in the assimilation of key minerals, such as calcium and silica. • Iodine seems to work as a monitor and controller in calcium and bone metabolism. • It Regulates Estrogen production and may be helpful in protecting against breast cancer. • Iodine has the highest frequency of all of Nature’s essential minerals and is known to be spiritually elevating.

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  • D3 Serum | Vitamin D Drops, 0.46 fl. oz.

    A Rich, Live Source of Natural Vitamin D3 | Targeted Immune and Cardiovascular Support

    This one-of-a-kind, live-source vitamin D3 delivers premier cardiovascular and immune system support. Vitamin D3 also aids in calcium absorption for healthy bones and teeth. Recent studies propose ideal vitamin D3 intake should be 2,000 IU or more daily.

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