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Tachyonized LifeGuard Cube

Perfect for Appliances - Including Laptops

Advanced Tachyon Technologies

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Advanced Tachyon Technologies


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Tachyonized LifeGuard Cube

This cube was created to help protect you from electrical radiation emitted from computer devices, appliances, hairdryers, juicers, mixers, blenders, food processors, microwaves, computer devices, automobiles… any electrical device. Simple to apply. Just snap onto an electrical cord or the battery cable of your car and the two Tachyonized energy cells restructure the chaotic, destabilizing EMF radiation creating a harmonious, coherent field of life-enhancing energy. The LifeGuard Cube is perfect for the appliances and electronic devices in your home, and perfect for traveling. It protects you from electrical devices. Just snap the Cube onto any electrical cord and the Cube’s Tachyonized Energy Cells will restructure the chaotic EMFs, creating a harmonious, coherent field of positive, life-enhancing energy.

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