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Tachyonized Personal Cocoon

One of the most effective tools for balancing the body, mind, and spirit.

Advanced Tachyon Technologies

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Advanced Tachyon Technologies


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The ultimate full body Tachyon experience

The Tachyonized Personal Cocoon is one of the most popular products because of its profound effect on the whole being.
It reduces stress as it harmonizes the emotional body. The Personal Cocoon surrounds you in a 3- dimensional, life-enriching sea of Tachyon. The specific placement of all the individual pieces in the Cocoon creates a very powerful, directed flow of Tachyon that facilitates profound balance and transformation. This experience promotes integration of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy bodies, leading to calm, centered clarity! It not only feels great, it will also enhance any healing process that needs to take place at any level of your being.

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