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Tachyonized 10cm / 4" Silica Disk 3-Pack

One of the most versatile Tachyon products.

Advanced Tachyon Technologies

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Advanced Tachyon Technologies


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Tachyonized 10cm / 4" Silica Disk 3-Pack

Tachyon disks provide a 5m/15ft tachyon energy field. Use it to charge food supplements, water or food with tachyon energy. It works great locally on the body for pain, injury or balancing specific organ. Can be used on the bed to set ‘The River of Life’ flowing field for sleep. Tachyonized Silica Disks feature a multitude of uses. They can be placed over circuit breakers or on refrigerators, television screens, and computer monitors to alter the harmful electromagnetic field output into a soothing Tachyon Energy flow. Use Tachyonized Silica Disks to charge your water, fruits, vegetables, and more to raise their potential and give your body an even better nutritional boost. Encourage restful sleep and enhanced dreams by using the disks on the headboard of your bed. Silica Disks have even been known to encourage healthy plant growth when placed in gardens or beneath planted pots.

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