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Tachyonized Star Gate Crystal 8-9 cm

Simply the Best Personal Meditation Device on the Planet

Advanced Tachyon Technologies

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Advanced Tachyon Technologies


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Tachyonized Star Gate Crystal 8-9 cm

Star Gate: Meditation And Transformation Expender
Daily use assists in personal transformation and joyful expansion of your personal energy system. The expansion of energy is best experienced when placing the Star Gate 3-12 feet in front of the meditator. When using in groups, simply place the Star Gate, facing the group. Interesting is the fact that in a group the expansion is amplified, and the effective field seems much larger.
The Tachyon field on the Star Gate depends on its relative size. Larger is stronger. Small - large ranges between 40 and 80 Feet. The neo field is most usable within a 30-40 foot range and is also expansive vertically.

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