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The MasterList Herbs & Supplements Video Course with Gabriel Cousens MD

The complete MasterList course will feature over 180 video clips. Here are first few playlists.

Playlists on this page:

  • Creating Radiant Health Series    (16 clips)
  • The MasterList Essentials             (57 clips)
  • About MasterList


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Creating Radiant Health Series    click    below to view all clips




The MasterList Essentials - Review of the Top-40     click    below to view all clips



In The MasterList Teachings, Dr Gabriel Cousens, researcher, author and a world expert, integrates the wisdom of east & west to create a practical approach to healing & longevity. Based on 40 years of clinical practice and research, Dr Cousens brings together into one language the fundamentals of Chinese Medicine, Yoga & Ayurveda, Psychiatry, the Liberation insights of the Kabbalah, and the cutting edge of mental health, holistic and western medicine. 

The Course Highlights: 

• Fundamentals and practical approach

• A comprehensive overview of using herbs,superfood & supplements

• Review the Top-40 lists of herbs & superfoods that anyone can benefit from

• Selected Protocols: diabetes, detox, radiation, inflammation and many more

• Spiritual Nutrition & Creating a quiet mind

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This course is a collective effort of many wonderful people including:

Content & Scientific Editor: Olga Kull ND

Camera: Shahar Weiss, Yoav Agmon, Raz Helwing, Hedva Shfaram

Editor, Post Production: Shahar Weiss

Sound Engineering: Eliyahu Ben David

Music: Shir Sofer / Buraq Album

The Tree of Life Israel Community: Naama Segal, Tamar Tsuberry Appleton, Michal Ophir, Danny Volfshtein, Noam Lami

The MasterList Free Video Course Gabriel Cousens MD 


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